Price Comparison, Deal Alert Questions

What stores do you support on currently pulls pricing information from the Mac App Store,, and our own GameAgent Store.  


Why is the Steam Store not included?

While we would absolutely love to include Steam prices and games exclusive to Steam, we are currently unable to offer this option for technical reasons. 

In order to ensure the prices on our site are constantly up to date, we rely on stores’ APIs to automatically grab pricing information.  Unfortunately, the Steam Store does not provide these kinds of tools.  We are currently looking into alternative solutions so that we can include the Steam Store in a future update of the site.


What about other stores?

With the exception of the potential to add the Steam Store, there are currently no plans to offer support for additional stores beyond our current stable of the Mac App Store,, and our own GameAgent Store. 

However, we’re also interested to hear from our users who are free to contact us and recommend their store of choice.  Users are encouraged to reach out to us by submitting a request, but they can also reach us on Facebook, Google+, or Twitter or send us an email at

If a particular store is in high demand, we’ll be happy to further consider adding it to our site.


What about international pricing?

Pricing is available in $USD, €EUR, and £GBP when available. Users may adjust their currency by switching their location using the flag dropdown menu at the top of the site.

Please note that certain games may only be available in limited locales. In particular we currently only offer games available from to US customers. This is due to restrictions set up by Amazon itself.


How often are prices updated?

Prices on the website should update every 15 minutes or so.


How does the Wish List and Deal Alerts work?

Any game can be added to a user’s Wish List either from a search/browse page by hovering over the game’s icon or from the game’s product page. Note: Users must be logged in to utilize the Wish List feature.

Once a game has been added to a user’s Wish List, we’ll track the price of the game and notify the user any time the game sees a discount of 10% or more.  Once the game has been discounted, we’ll notify the user via email that the game is on sale.

If multiple games that a user has added to his or her Wish List see a discount, we’ll only send a single email notification to prevent overloading the user’s email inbox.


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