What is Mac Match?

What is Mac Match?

Mac Match is GameAgent’s unique tool for determining how a user’s Mac system profile compares to a Mac game’s minimum system requirements.   A user must first sign up for a GameAgent account and then install and use the GameAgent App to save their Mac Profile to their account (users may also manually add their own Mac specs using our Mac Profile Wizard).  To create a Mac Profile to use with Mac Match, the GameAgent app pulls the following data:

-       Mac OS Version

-       Processor Name

-       Number of Cores

-       Processor Speed

-       Memory

-       Video Card

-       Video Memory (VRAM)

The Mac Profile is saved to the user’s account for future reference when comparing a user’s Mac against the system requirements of the various Mac games in our library.  


What if I have multiple Macs?  Is there a limit on the number of Mac Match profiles I can create?

No, there is no limit.  Users may save an unlimited number of Mac Profiles to their account.  To switch between Mac Profiles, click on the My Stuff dropdown menu at the top right of the site, then select the My Mac Profile link; users may also access the My Mac Profile section from their GameAgent Dashboard. After accessing your list of Mac Profiles, simply click the Mac Profile you wish to use while browsing the site.


Am I required to use the GameAgent app?

While we highly recommend that users use our GameAgent app to get the best results for their Mac Profile, users also have the option to manually enter their Mac Profile.

To manually create your Mac Profile, go to the My Mac Profile page and click “Add a new Mac System Profile.”  Then at the pop-up window, click “I’d rather enter my system profile manually,” and follow the on-screen instructions.


Is Mac Match on all the time?

Our Mac Match feature is “on” all the time unless the user does not have a Mac Profile selected.  Users can select a Mac Profile from the My Mac Profile page.  


What do the Mac Match results mean?

If a user’s Mac meets or exceeds a game’s minimum system requirements, the user will see a small green check mark next to the game’s icon, indicating the game “Will Run” on the user’s Mac.  Alternatively, if the user’s Mac fails to meet any of a game’s system requirements, the user will see a small grey icon, indicating the game “Might Run.”  

In the case of a “Might Run” grey check mark, we highly recommend the user contact the game’s publisher for further assistance before purchasing his or her game of interest.  Contact information for publisher support can be found on each game’s page. 

IMPORTANT: Mac Match is NOT intended to inform a user how well a game will run on his or her Mac, only whether a user’s Mac meets a game’s minimum system requirements as defined by the game’s publisher.  For additional info on how well a game will run, users may contact the game’s publisher for assistance.


I upgraded my current Mac.  How can I edit my Mac Profile to reflect the update?

We currently don’t offer a way to edit existing Mac Profiles.  Instead, it’s easier to simply create a new Mac Profile and delete any existing profiles that are out of date or no longer in use.

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