More about the GameAgent Application

We've created the GameAgent desktop application to make it easier to save your Mac's basic system information to your account on GameAgent. 

Just download the app, install it in your Applications folder, open it, and click "Send!" This will save your Mac's basic profile to your account and will allow you to instantly see which games on will run on your machine.

ONLY THE MOST BASIC SYSTEM INFO IS COLLECTED AND SAVED TO YOUR ACCOUNT. The app only collects 8 pieces of information (listed below). It cannot access or save any other information about your or your computer.

Computer Name: What you call your Mac
Computer Type: What type of Mac you have
Operating System: OS Version number
Processor: What type of processor you have
Numbers of cores: How many processors you have
Processor Speed: How fast they are
Memory: How much RAM you have
Video Card: What type of video card and how much VRAM you have

This feature does require a GameAgent account.

Download the App now!

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